Learning A New Language

If you want to learn a new language and you’re unsure of quite the right way to go about doing so, then you might want to do a bit of research into the best strategies involved in learning a new language.  In our language learning software post we discuss some of the best things that you can do – such as getting a language learning software program that simulates immersion.

You don’t need to buy Rosetta Stone – there are a bunch of other types of programs out there that might be a bit more affordable to you.

Clearing Up My PC

Slow computers are really the bane of my existence.  It’s a real pain in the neck to have to deal with a sluggish computer.  You know, when you turn it on and it takes forever to boot up.  When programs take forever to load.  However, the most common reason that people’s computers slow down is because they either get infected by malware, or they get bogged down by excess files or folders.  Or both!

There are several great computer programs out there on the market that can make it quite easy for you to clean out your computer from these excess files and stuff.  In our PC Health Advisor review I go over a very popular new program from ParetoLogic software.  This tool makes it so easy to clear your computer of malware, clear the registry, get rid of duplicate files, update your drivers, and more.  It’s seriously multifuncitonal.   It’s a swiss army knife for your computer in a way.

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The Amazing Resiliency Of Windows

If you’re having issues with your Windows computer, then you should definitely know that there are many ways to improve the performance of your operating system.  The Windows OS relies on several factors working in concert to operate successfully.  If one of these factors is damaged, for example, by a virus or malware, then Windows will not run as well as it probably could in other circumstances.

If you’re looking for software that can repair the files that have been damaged by malware or viruses, then I strongly urge you to check out our Reimage review.  Reimage is a new software tool that helps fix Windows from the inside out, meaning that it has the capability to replace damaged or missing Windows operating system files.  Check out our writeup to find out what Reimage can and cannot do.

Reimage has been around for a few years, and although it was not the best at first it has been largely improved and is now becoming much more popular.  If you have a mysterious problem with your computer, then running Reimage might be just the thing you need to do in order to solve it.  PC repair can now be done right from your computer desk.

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Mochas In The Morning

Mochas in the morning – I love it.  It’s a habit I’ve been in since college.  It helps me settle down and get my work done.

I actually miss being in school.  Sometimes I think about going back for something like graphic design.  I would like that.

In other news, I just saw Ironman 2.  Pretty fun, but the plot was really watered down.  I really did not care if he succeeded – the villain was so unimposing.

I also just wrote up an article on the best hard drive backup software. My laptop hard drive recently broke, and I had backed it up with Acronis True Image Home 2010.  Thankfully I was able to restore everything completely and I lost no data at all.

The High Price Of Concessions

Why are concessions at the movies so expensive?  It seems absurd.  I went to the movies the other night and asked for a small Pepsi.  The guy hands me a cup the size of a thimble, and then asks for 5.25.  For 50 cents more I could forsake the thimble and trade it in for something that looked a little more normal; about the size of a medium drink from Subway.  5.75 for a cup of sugar water?  Don’t get me started on the $7.00 popcorn.  Get real!  This only drives people to smuggle in their own food.  It also drives them away from the movies altogether.

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2012 – No More Pull Ups

I went to see 2012 with my friends last night.  It was fun – I mean, it brought back memories of when I went to see Independence Day and was totally awestruck.  Independence Day was one of the first of the new generation disaster movies, and everyone thought it was brilliant.  It actually had a good story, unlike most of the dreck they come out with now.

2012 really destroyed the world.  I actually found it slightly upsetting.  I mean, it was utter destruction and annihilation of everything we know and love.  I guess I’m getting more sensitive in my old age, but I just found it to be tooooo much.  The movie was also like an hour too long.

Anyway, so Hollywood spent a gazillion dollars on this movie and the last line was “No more pullups!”  Great.  Guess the apocalypse cures bed wetting!

Welcome To The New Site

This site is going to impress.  The point is, well, there is no point.  Random musings give way to concrete ideas, and the world turns.

Bravery And Sadness

Bravery And Sadness

In any case, enjoy the site!